7 July, the crypto art exhibition promoted by SuperRare and curated by An Rong, Fabio Giampietro e Skygolpe opens on the Spatial.io metaverse with hyper-realistic avatars.

The Future of Science Fiction? We’re living in it. […] The single most useful thing I’ve learned from science fiction is that every present moment, always, is someone else’s past and someone else’s future.”
(William Gibson)

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What can digitization add to a work of art? And what cannot be transferred from physical to digital? Can abstraction in some way be tangible? And how is the creative experience of the protagonists of this transition evolving?

These are the questions that Un-realism aims to answer, the virtual reality exhibition that offers us the point of view of artists who are trying to bridge the gap between the classic physical dimensions of art and digital ones.

Curated by An Rong, Fabio Giampietro (his dizzying metropolitan perspective Exodus is reproduced above) and Skygolpe, the exhibition will be inaugurated on Wednesday 7 July, 12pm Est. Instead of being in a physical exhibition space it will take place in a purely virtual one, in which the webcam of our computer we will take a photo, which will give our features to the avatar with which we can move in the cyber-environments with the works, which we can also buy simply by clicking on their digital image, hung on the equally digital walls of the exhibition.

The digital crypto artists hosted by Un-realism are:  Hackatao (above his contribution My Personal Monolith), Gary Cartlidge, Fabio Giampietro himself, Federico Clapis, Luna Ikuta (of which you see below the work on display, Spirea Villa), Jonathan Wolfe, Sinclair, Skygolpe and Stasienko. The well-known American artist Jesse Draxler, creator of artwork for Prince and Nine Inch Nails among others, makes his debut in the field of digital art. Drexler will in fact release his first NFT works exclusively for Un-realism (here below you can see his work in collaboration with Skygolpe).  

To project yourself into the future that cyberpunk writers imagined about forty years ago and see the exhibition, just go to the Spatial.io site, which is defined (and no longer by Gibson) “an interactive metaverse among the most advanced with hyper-realistic avatars” . The exhibition can be visited literally immersed in 360-degree virtual reality with Oculus Quest 2 viewers, but fortunately, “only human” beings will also be able to participate in it from desktops and smartphones that are now a little more popular on the blue planet.

The artists will also be present at the inauguration, of course through their… respective avatars!

To deepen the scenarios of crypto art based on NFTs, of the SuperRare marketplace – promoter of the exhibition – and of the swirling market (all of course in cryptocurrencies) that it is animating among a new audience in their early twenties and collectors from all over the world who do not even know where Palazzo Reale is in the real geography (where Fabio Giampietro presented Hyperplanes of Simultaneity, official entry into the immersive digital of an artist who actually grew up painting the classic oil on canvas, in a 2016 that already seems like the last century), we invite you already to the next Finestra di Antonio Syxty live on Facebook on Thursday 15 July at 9 pm, of which Giampietro will be a guest and our Charon in the “cyberspace overdrive” of art to come.

Mario G